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Diploma in Visual Communication

  • Course Duration : 1 year
  • Duration : 10am to 3pm
  • Eligibility : Any Degree,
    12th pass/fail.

To join the world of visual communication and to communicate to the world visually, come and dive into our learning hub and get trained to kick-start your passion in media. Visualite Academy proudly enters into the arena of media studies. After giving training to students in the field of Photography, Videography, Editing and Digital-Film Making, now the institute has successfully made its first impression in Visual Communication.

If you think studying Visual Communication is a two-year process, then think again. Our academy offers Diploma in Visual Communication for a 1 year period. It gives you a strong foundation in Graphic design, Basic Photography, Advertising, Animation, Film-Making, and Photo Journalism and so on. Our tutors will be presenting the integral skills and techniques in the same quality as provided by media schools and colleges.

What is Visual Communication?

Visual Communication is a platform where you can make impossible to possible through creativity and zeal. It is a form of communication that allows you to express ideas and information. Visual communication carries a wide range of scope that includes drawing, graphic design, illustration, advertising, animation, color and much more. Thus spreading its wings and roots to every nook and corner of the world. Since it’s a multi-disciplinary course, students will be learning about drawing, writing, research in addition to photography, computer graphics and animation. Students will love learning Visual Communication because of all the fun and entertainment elements in it.

Eligibility Criteria:

To pursue the Digital Film-Making Diploma Course, you need to meet the following simple criteria:

Educational Qualification :

No academic qualification is required. Starting from a school student (includes school dropouts) 10 th (pass), 12 th (pass/fail), to any degree, students can learn the visual communication course.

Previous Experience

No previous experience is required in photography, videography, filmmaking or journalism as this course is designed for both beginners and semi-professionals. So no prior knowledge or experience is needed.


No camera is needed. If you have a professional camera, you can bring it for practice, be it Canon or Nikon or Sony. For those who don’t have a camera, we will provide a professional Digital- SLR camera freely to learn and experiment.

Age/Gender – :

There is no minimum and maximum age limit for studying viscom. It welcomes people of all age groups. Similarly, photography is open to both men and women.
Visualite Academy wants students who are passionate, studious and dedicated to visual world. We believe in and strive for commitment, conviction, and consistency. We encourage our students to fully participate in every session and to enjoy the learning process.

Course Duration:

Diploma in Visual Communication is a 6-month course (2 hours per day); classes will be held on both weekdays and weekends on a regular basis. Students are advised to choose either a weekday or the weekend batch based on their requirements.

Course Syllabus:

The course syllabus is fully prepared by our professionals, to fill the existing gaps and to meet the contemporary technological updates; every topic is designed to the world-class level.

Module 1: Introduction to Visual Communication; Drawing; Graphic Design; Basic Photography This module introduces one to the basic concepts of visual communication, basic terms and its types. This includes other skills like drawing, photography and its tools like camera, colors, lighting, etc.

Module 2: Advertising; Videography; Script Writing and Direction; Multi-media This includes other skills like drawing, photography and its tools like camera, colors, lighting, etc.
This module takes one on a tour on Advertisement and its background. How an advertisement is taken, the necessary things to be remembered and so on, followed by script writing and direction, which gives an overview about direction and its challenges.

Module 3: Video editing; Audiography; Animation
This module allows students to study abouts Editing, its tools and techniques followed by the basics in animation, and how to add creative touch in every work. Finally comes audiography, where the sound department of a film works, this includes recording, editing, mixing and sound design.

Module 4: Adverting Photography; Film making; Photo Journalism
This module gives a complete understanding on film-making, its procedures and challenges. Photo Journalism covers the basic concepts, various advantages in visual media industry and other photography concepts related to journalism.

Career Opportunities:

Diploma in Visual Communication program offers you a variety of career opportunities ranging from Journalism, animation and graphic artists to film production, advertising and industrial design. Students pursuing visual communication are having an advantage of a wide range of choices regarding a career. They can work under a company or work for a company (freelancer).

Some of the popular jobs are given below:

  • Photojournalist
  • Art/Creative Director
  • Web Designer
  • Web Programmer
  • Web Developer
  • Marketing Director

Private One-to- One Coaching:

Study the visual communication course independently and exploit our available resources fully. We provide one-to- one coaching for students who like independent learning and we ensure their training goes beyond their expectations. Our teachers will help the students to understand everything from the basic concepts to the latest developments in Photography. Giving complete attention, developing one’s stronger areas and working on the weak points are some of the highlights. Our trainees will be given more space to experiment with their camera and to bring out some best shots. This program also helps our teachers to know the student's level of understanding and to train them accordingly. Thus, we make sure our students are left with no doubts and have complete satisfaction on course completion.

After Course Tutoring Support:

To have a successful career in the field of media, Visualite Academy strives to give the right guidance and support to students who pursue their courses. To beat the odds and to survive in this competitive era, it is a must to seek expert’s advice. That’s exactly what our After Course Tutoring Support program gives for aspiring students. Our teachers are highly experienced in different genres of media and have trained many of the experts today. Thus, they ensure getting your first job is hassle-free and also help you to update with the latest technologies and trends. Once you complete the Diploma course in Visual Communication, you will be aware of your area of interest and its scope. Based on that, you can choose your career path.
Each student, upon successful completion of the course receives a certificate and is job-ready to join the media community. To ace in photography, videography, direction, film production and so on get your hands onto some exceptional creative projects offered by our school and give great aesthetic pleasure to the world.

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