Basic Photography Course will let you learn

  • History of Photography
  • Camera Functions
  • Aperture and Shutter speed
  • Lenses
  • Filters
  • Film & ISO
  • Lighting
  • Color theory
  • 3 Outdoor Shoots ( Field Trips)

    • Course Duration “5 Days / 10 Days / 16 Days”
    • Timing : 10am - 12pm
    • Visualite Academy

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Basic Photography Course

Switch from automatic mode to manual mode in your camera and start creating amazing pictures. Visualite Academy gives a platform to learn the most exciting tools and techniques of Photography in its Basic Photography Course for Beginners by conducting more hands-on and practical sessions. This training course gives an introduction to basic digital photography and its concepts. It will help build a strong foundation in camera, lighting, colours and other essential systems. The classes will commence on both weekdays and weekends on a regular basis and students are advised to choose either one of the batches according to their convenience. We offer you a wide sphere of courses that cater different needs and requirements. Starting from working elites like doctors, engineers, civil servants to newcomers like graduates, fresher and school passed-out students, our course is designed for all age groups and provides the complete basics of Photography. The theory and practical sessions you undergo would give a perfect blend of creativity and originality.


No academic qualification is required.


No academic qualification is required.


No camera is needed. If you have a professional camera, you can bring it for practice, be it Canon or Nikon or Sony. For those who don’t have a camera, we will provide a professional Digital-SLR camera freely to learn and experiment.

Course Duration

Basic Photography Course is for 5 Days/ 10 Days/ 16 Days . We conduct classes on Weekdays or Weekends, and we advise students to choose either one batch in short-term/part-time basis. For those who want to learn the Basic Photography Course in less than 4-5 days can go for a 2-day Workshop program on Basic Photography, or a 1-Day Crash Course on Basic Photography. We teach the same syllabus with fewer practical sessions based on the time availability.


This intensive course takes you on a tour of basic photography. It teaches you the art and science of photography that every beginner should know as a photographer.


Camera is the most vital part of photography, similar to the brain in a human body. So you’ll be starting from the human eye and camera, followed by the basics of camera including shutter speed, aperture, focal length, depth of field etc, and finally the camera options, types of camera and types of lenses.


Without lighting, no photo can be taken. So here you will understand the lighting-indoor and outdoor, exposure and focus, natural light and artificial light, controlling lights, exposure meters and filters and flashes, followed by the types of lighting.


Colours are the skin and tissues that adds glamour and beauty to every photo. Here you will come across the concepts of colours, manipulation of colour and light, then the Black and White and Colour Photography, negatives and finally the colour materials

Basic Requirements

– In this column, you will be discussing about the necessary equipments, control factors like fixing, washing, and drying. Here we include the special effects and its techniques followed by manipulation of image/picture, framing and trimming.

General updates

Apart from camera, lens and photos, there are other essentials that need to be known by every beginner, namely Basics of Photo-journalism, Visual story-telling, and planning a studio-shoot, location, set props and casting.

After Course Tutoring Support

After you complete the Basic Photography Course, you will be fully equipped with the fundamentals of Photography, DSLR camera and its functions and types. This beginner’s course will enable you to take awe-inspiring photos and stir-up your inner talents. If you think of further improving your skills and expertise in photography, you can take up our Intermediate/Advanced Photography Course. It’s open to all our students who can avail this after course tutoring support, and the process is completely hassle-free.

We provide free tutoring support for job placement and those who want to take up photography as their career, can seek the right guidance and mentoring from our experts to become a professional photographer. If you are an old student, you can avail the discount price for the next level of course. Be it a 2-Day Workshop on Intermediate/ Advanced Photography, part-time or full-time Professional Photography Course or a six-month Diploma certificate course, we always prioritize your commitment and inquisitiveness.

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