• 100% Assured Placement after the course completion.
  • Free professional Digital-SLR camera when they complete the course
  • Private One-on-One coaching.
  • Students are given professional training by our qualified teachers who are having rich experience in Photography.
  • In our Live Practical Session, students will be taken to a real Wedding Photoshoot or any other photoshoot to get a real-time experience.
  • Courses are provided at affordable rates.

Diploma in Professional Photography

Photography is a visual medium that is a part of our everyday lives. Be it a selfie or, a family photograph or, sending the photo of the delicious food cooked by us to our friends, photography has seeped into our routine without us realizing it. Amidst all these everyday photographers, it is essential for people who want to take up photography as their profession to make a mark for themselves. For those wondering how to do it, diploma in professional photography is the way to go.

Why choose Visualite?

India’s top photography institute, Visualite Academy has been in the photography industry for the past eight years. We have trained over 700 students and are proud to say that all the students are doing well in different genres of photography. We also offer short term/part time photography courses and long term photography courses in accordance with the requirements of the students. We also have weekday and weekend photography courses to accommodate all photography enthusiasts.

6-month diploma course

In this 6- month course, you will be acquiring complete knowledge and skills in three genres of photography, namely Wedding, Product and Modeling Photography. With many hands-on sessions, you will gain experience in practical challenges and techniques to handle it.

1-year diploma course

Students learn six different genres of photography, namely Wedding, Product, Modeling, Advertising, and Introduction to medium format and large format cameras. Students will be gaining experience in every genre exclusively and attain the advanced skills.

6+6 month diploma course

If you think entering into photography field is tough, try us, we will make it easy for you. We provide the 6+6 months diploma course in professional photography (6 months coaching + 6 months internship and placement).

Here, students after completing their course will join us as interns and work. During their training, they will learn the commercial area and its background. They will take part in every live photo shoot and expose to the practical challenges. Thus, at the end of this 1 year (6 + 6 months) course, we guarantee our students 100% placement after their course completion.


The course syllabus is fully prepared by top professional photographers, to fill the existing gaps and to meet the contemporary technological updates; every topic is designed to the world-class level.

Basic Photography

  • History of Photography
  • Camera Functions
  • Aperture and Shutter speed
  • Lenses
  • Filters
  • Film & ISO
  • Lighting
  • Color theory
  • 3 Outdoor Shoots ( Field Trips)

Wedding Photography

  • Introduction to wedding photography
  • Candid Photography
  • Camera flash techniques
  • Concept & Visualization
  • Various sessions in Wedding sessions
    (Brides/Grooms homes/venues
    /family photos/ Procession)
  • Schedule planning
  • Pre-Wedding and Post-Wedding
  • Studio lighting
  • Shooting Practice in
  • Real time practices

Fashion and Modeling Photography

  • Basic concepts in fashion photography
  • Stilllife fashion
  • Models
  • Stylist
  • Advertising
  • Make up (photographer to his/her perspective should know what make up suits the character)

Portrait Photography

  • Introduction to portrait photography
  • Lighting for portraits
  • Styles of portraits
  • Lenses
  • Indoor portraits
  • Outdoor portraits

Product Photography

  • Introduction
  • Product Make-up
  • Photography for Print Ads
  • Background
  • Lighting
  • Post Processing

Interior Photography

  • Introduction to interior photography
  • Meter Reading
  • Using Pro-lights
  • Usage of different lenses
  • Usage of different lenses
  • Importance of lighting
  • Framing techniques and Angles

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