Direction Course

A world sans direction is a world sans entertainment. And we believe that direction is the one that brings us joy, happiness, and a sense of fulfilment from a film. Visualite Academy proudly offers a Direction course for movie enthusiasts who want to make his/her dreams a reality. We build you with the skills such as leadership, creative thinking, problem-solving, etc along with the basics of filming, directing, photography, screenplay, writing, and editing. Thus, a complete picture about direction will be taught by our teachers who are experts in the filmmaking line. You will be practising with the cutting-edge technologies and tools that are best in the market.

We impart you the crucial knowledge by conducting more hands-on sessions than theoretical sessions. Our tutors are well-qualified professionals who are practicing direction in various genres of visual media. They have a record of projects in the filmmaking industry and will teach you the know- how skills related to direction. Hence, we want our students to learn direction from the talented directors in the field and to gain the vital knowledge easily.

What is direction?

A (film) director is a person who brings out a film by working closely with the artists, cameraman, scriptwriter, producer, and other visual and graphic design technicians. He/she controls a film’s artistic and dramatic aspects and visualizes the screenplay.

Private one-to- one coaching program

We offer a private one-to- one coaching program for students who want to have extra care and guidance to learn. This program is mainly initiated to impart the necessary skills and expertise to students who looks for the one-to- one training. This program also gives way for our teachers to have an individual attention to students and can help them to improve their weak points. They are pleasant and super-friendly, where students can interact with the teacher and learn at ease. Our tutors will give the genuine feedback and constant motivation to improve your knowledge and skills. Through many practical sessions, they will groom you into a perfect director with full belief and zeal.

A platform for students who prefer solitude to experiment and share the experience... it is a home away from home. Visualite Academy offers a private one-to- one coaching center for students who want independent learning. We believe that every student is unique and will have a different level of knowledge and understanding. To nurture their ideas and thoughts exclusively and motivate them to deliver uniqueness in their work, we have initiated this program. We dedicate our time to impart the same syllabus with additional examples and to help you develop the stronger areas and work on the weak points. It also makes our teachers to give individual attention and training to the students. We provide this program at reasonable rates when compared to other coaching institutes, thus anyone can avail this service.

Our Eligibility Criteria

To pursue the Acting Course, you need to meet the following simple criteria:


No academic qualification is required.


No academic qualification is required.


2 hours per day.

Classes will be held on both weekdays and weekends on a regular basis. Students are advised to choose either a weekday or the weekend batch based on their requirements.

Career opportunities

As film direction is one of a kind in the world, it also gives a ton of opportunities for young directors. For fresh and new directors, we have listed below some of the exciting jobs:

  • Assistant video/Film director
  • Animation film director
  • Director for commercial films
  • Creative lead
  • Assistant Director
  • To have a comfortable working environment in the film industry, we give our valuable guidance to you through an After Course Tutoring Support program. To have a safe and secured career in the direction field and its related areas, you can get our help anytime you want. In this program, we will share you with the information related to the current market trends and its challenges. Our experts will teach you the methods of approaching a director and how to become a part of his/her team. Apart from these, you might be facing tiny hurdles while you work, and in order to handle them smoothly and swiftly, you can seek our support, as we always give significance to our student’s queries.

    If you are interested in learning the other areas like photography, videography, editing, digital film making, etc you can pursue the course at your pace and convenience. We always encourage our student’s curiosity and inquisitiveness. If you are an old student, you can learn the next course at discount rates, be it a 1 day crash course, 2 days workshop, 3 months diploma course or a 6 months/1 year professional course. We encourage our students to widen up their area of interest and become an expert.

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