Cinematography Course

In a movie, it is cinematography which conveys more than music and language to the audience. If you want to convey your aesthetic work through visual form, then start your career as a cinematographer. Visualite Academy offers the unparallel Cinematography course for young minds who aspire to become a well-known cinematographer. We teach you the complete knowledge of visual language to create some unique masterpieces. Our hands-on training starts by putting our students behind the camera, receiving instructions from our tutors and start practicing the direction of photography. By attaining mastery in High-Definition (HD) cameras, 16 mm, 35 mm film and RED EPIC digital video cameras, your skills will catapult from ordinary to outstanding.

At the Visualite Academy, students learn both the academic and professional skills essential to be a professional cinematographer. We have committed to training a new breed of professionals to use the high standard cameras. Our instructors are not only well-experienced in their profession but also in teaching who are highly supportive and friendly, and they also stimulate your creative thinking. Hence, we make sure our students are passing out with all the necessary skills in imagination, critical thinking, and problem-solving in addition to photography, lighting, editing, etc to be a successful cinematographer.

What is Cinematography?

Cinematography or Direction of Photography is considered to be the science or art of motion-picture photography which can be performed in two ways, either by recording light, by an image sensor (electronically) or by other electromagnetic radiation, light-sensitive material such as film stock (chemically).

A cinematographer or director of photographer of a film, television production or some live action piece is holding responsibility for making image related artistic and technical decisions. He/she is the head of the camera and light crews of a movie. The cinematographer selects the camera, lenses, filters, film stock, etc., to synchronize the scene according to the director’s expectations.

Private one-to- one coaching program

A platform for students who prefer solitude to experiment and share the experience... it is a home away from home. Visualite Academy offers a private one-to- one coaching center for students who want independent learning. We believe that every student is unique and will have a different level of knowledge and understanding. To nurture their ideas and thoughts exclusively and motivate them to deliver uniqueness in their work, we have initiated this program. We dedicate our time to impart the same syllabus with additional examples and to help you develop the stronger areas and work on the weak points. It also makes our teachers to give individual attention and training to the students. We provide this program at reasonable rates when compared to other coaching institutes, thus anyone can avail this service.

Our Eligibility Criteria

Previous Experience

No previous experience is required in Cinematography, as this course is designed for both beginners and semi-professionals. So no prior knowledge or experience is needed.

Educational Qualification

No academic qualification is required. Starting from a school dropout, 10 th , 12 th (pass/fail), to any degree, students can learn the cinematography course.

Visualite Academy wants students who are passionate, studious and dedicated to Cinematography. We believe in and strive for commitment, conviction, and consistency. We encourage our students to fully participate in every film-shoot and experience the fun while learning.

Course duration

Cinematography course (2 hours per day) classes will be held on both weekdays and weekends on a regular basis. Students are advised to choose either a weekday or weekend batch based on their requirements.

Course syllabus

  • Cinematographer
  • Camera Assistant
  • Digital Imaging Technician
  • TKey Grip
  • Videographer
  • Camera operator
  • Gaffer
  • Colorist
  • Set lighting technician
  • 2 nd unit director of photography
  • Editor

After Course Tutoring Support

We provide an After Course Tutoring Support program for the students who complete the course successfully. In order to give them a right direction to enter into this competitive filmmaking industry, we dedicate our time and groom them into a skilled professional. Here we will discuss about their area of interest and strengths and guide the students on how to approach the experts from other genres and get connected with them. Since students learn cinematography with us, we will take them to various practical sessions which give them a good knowledge about the practical difficulties and the solving techniques by applying their mind.

As a fresher in this field, you might experience some complexities and challenges, to tackle those situations swiftly; you can seek our help anytime. As this program is free of cost, you can get our assistance how many ever times you want, and we always welcome your inquisitiveness. Apart from cinematography, if you want to learn the other courses like photography, videography, editing, audiography, digital filmmaking, etc, then you can enroll yourself in any stream of your desire, and acquire that knowledge easily. For old students, we deliver our coaching at discount rates to encourage them learning. The main goal of this tutoring support is to make sure our students are getting a smooth entry into the industry.

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