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If you are obsessed with photography, videography and Digital Film Making, it is time you let your imagination swim. And sizzle with ideas. For, the creative industry requires the brightest minds ready to roll out innovative thoughts and wow-inspiring work of art.

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our Courses

Visual Communication

Communication unlocked the human in human beings.

Photo journalism

Photography is clicking a noun, Photojournalism is clicking a verb.

Television Production

Television has become a part and parcel of our life. It is a most

Advertising & PR

We like to own the best and we like to have options to own


In a movie, it is cinematography which conveys more


For photographic fanatics and creative artists a chance has come


A world sans direction is a world sans entertainment. And we


We like to own the best and we like to have options to own


To our future actors who portray themselves as characters


Digital Film making course opens the door to live many lives z


Switch from automatic mode to manual mode in your camera


Take a professional DSLR video-camera; make an inspiring video

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We Are

We are a 10-year old company with state of the art facilities and top professionals as teaching faculty. We have trained over 1000 students the last 10 years from our branches in Adyar, Mylapore and Anna Nagar. We have multiple part-time, short-term and diploma courses in Photography, Videography, Digital Film making, etc. We are the top photography institute wherein a student can get “Real time experience” at all levels. We have industry big wigs and top professionals from media who come to train our students regularly. We have the latest cameras, gadgets and lenses on par with international training academies.

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