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Diploma in Television Production

  • Course Duration : 30 classes


Are you good at planning and organizing an event? Do you possess presentation and negotiation skills? Do you have the ability to work to a budget? If you answer “YES” to all these questions, then you can blindly choose Television Production as your career. Visualite Academy offers a course in Television Production for passionate young leaders to boost their confidence in the visual media industry. With some amount of knowledge and skills on business matters, program, video production, studio, and so on, you can excel in this field and become an exemplar.

To produce television with the best quality, we teach you the next generation of producers, directors, camera, sound and lighting technicians and editors, studio and location researchers and production managers. Our instructors impart high standard training to stimulate your creativity and imagination. You will be handling the cutting-edge tools and equipment and can experiment until you bring your best. As this course is sure to cater the future media needs, we strongly emphasize on future-oriented teaching and methods. Thus, we make sure that our students at the end get the essential business traits and skill set to become a successful television producer.

Private One-to- One Coaching:

Visualite Academy helps students who seek an expert to teach them exclusively. Our private one-to- one coaching program offers them to get the individual feedback and course corrections whenever necessary. Our tutors dedicate time to make the students understand the basic concepts and theories involved in the program and make sure they get the top-notch training. This program's purpose is to serve the student’s individual attention and requirements. Our trainers encourage questions and clarify doubts swiftly. Students will be getting the opportunity to know about our expert's work experience and their challenges. Similarly, our teachers get an opportunity to understand their students and their level of understanding. We provide this program at comparatively affordable rates so that it’s not restricted to the rich only.

Eligibility Criteria

To pursue the program in Photo Journalism, you need to meet the following simple criteria:


No academic qualification is required.


No academic qualification is required.


No camera is needed. If you have a professional camera, you can bring it for practice, be it Canon or Nikon or Sony. For those who don’t have a camera, we will provide a professional Digital-SLR camera freely to learn and experiment.

Course Duration

Television Production comprises of 30 classes (2 hours per day), classes will be held on both weekdays and weekends on a regular basis. Students are advised to choose either the weekday or weekend batch based on their requirements.


Contact us for the fee inform.

Course Syllabus

The course syllabus is fully prepared by our professional teachers, to fill the existing gaps and to meet the contemporary technological updates; every topic is designed to the world-class level.

  • Production Stages
  • Writing for Television Medium
  • Writing for various Television shows
  • Television news Program
  • Program Production
  • Planning and management

Career Opportunities

Television Production offers you ample number of career opportunities, below are some of the well- established ones for freshers:

  • Production Associate
  • Production Assistant
  • Associate Producer
  • Master Control Operator
  • Executive Assistant
  • Media Operations Assistant
  • TV Studio Coordinator and so on.

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