Product Photography :

With the ever-expanding e-commerce industry and home-made business products, product photography has taken a huge leap in the present era. Visualite Academy offers students learn product photography genre in either the Advanced Photography course or Diploma in Professional Photography course. This intense course provides a strong foundation about the introduction, importance of cleanliness, camera settings, product make-up, digital post-processing, etc, and it also covers the concept of photography and commercial marketing. To satisfy the top business owners and clients, a fresher should know how to set lighting, background, shoot and edits photos for promotion or sell.

We allow our students to do more hands-on than learning. In product photography, every product is imperative in terms of business and marketing, we give significance to a variety of products like food and beverages, electronic gadgets, ornaments, and jewellery, etc. Sometimes students will also bring their products for the photoshoot. Here, they will learn the correct lighting, backdrop, composition, exposure, etc. It gives them experience on practical challenges, and it’s solving techniques. Students will arrange the props, umbrellas, and soft boxes, followed by focusing the camera on the brand labels and logos.

Our course offers an in-depth research and analysis on how different products react to different types of light, flash, atmosphere, etc followed by the digital post-processing techniques. This includes photo editing, resize, color correction, and format for maximum image quality. When it comes to tools and equipment, our apparatus of photography embraces the best world-class kit. With high-definition cameras, updated editing softwares, and a studio with contemporary settings, we would provide the best quality education and service for our students.

We have built a team of highly-qualified professionals in the photography field; ensure sharing the industry best practices, practical experiences, technical know-how, and professional skills. Thus, they will teach you how to photograph a product for different platforms like website, brochure, shopping cart, company’s wallpaper, etc. Apart from that, we would also invite industry experts for guest lecturing based on the time availability and student’s inquisitiveness.
Product photography gives you a promising career. Those who are passionate and creative in this genre can receive recognitions easily. We will guide our students on job placement and its related opportunities in the industry.

Key highlights in the Product Photography:
  1. Introduction to product photography.
  2. Focus on brands labels and logos.
  3. Focus on all important products to promote or sell.
  4. Acquire skill set on camera setting, lighting, flash, background, etc.
  5. Build employability skills.
  6. Real-time practitioners in product photography.
  7. Post-processing techniques after a photoshoot.
  8. Conducting workshops, group critiques, and individual feedback.
  9. Customize dates and timings. (courses are offered in part-time/full- time/short term basis)
  10. Creating a product photography portfolio.

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