Modeling Photography :

Modeling Photography genre is a professional course aimed at beginner and intermediate level photographers who want to enter into the modeling photography field. To discover the latest updates and develop the contemporary skills, Visualite Academy delivers the best training and helps you achieve both the objectives. We offer an Advanced Photography course for students where they can choose their specialization in modeling photography. This intense course focuses on the introduction to modeling photography, basic concepts of the camera, lighting, exposure, poses, and movements followed by enormous hands-on training. Thus, this course ensures the technical knowledge as well as the necessary business traits for the students.

Our method of teaching comprises of 70% practical sessions and 30% theoretical sessions. We will also include some exercises during the session to make you highly-skilled and efficient. Whether you are a normal photographer, designer, stylist, or art director, these workshops help you to enhance your skills in researching, producing and managing modeling photo shoots. Our teachers are well-qualified professionals having rich experience in the photography industry. They will share their experiences and some anecdotes with students and make the class interesting.

We bring you the real-time makeup artists and hairstylists of the modeling industry for the guest lecture. They will teach you how to correct a model’s makeup and hairstyle while shooting. A professional modeling photographer should know what suits a model perfectly. We will provide you our Digital-SLR camera for practice. If you have a professional camera, you can bring it for practice, be it a Canon, Nikon, or Sony.

We have a cutting-edge toolkit. With the brand new equipment and tools, we deliver the best quality images. We teach you how to use camera gears like tripods, reflections, and lenses. After a photo shoot, we will teach you the post-processing techniques. This cover the concepts of color correction, adjustment, white balance, noise correction, touching, etc.

One with a strong passion and inquisitiveness can grasp things easily and set a new trend in modeling photography industry.

We offer this Advanced Photography course in two different types to cater the student’s specific needs:

1-month advanced photography course (weekday classes); 2 hours per day.
2-month advanced photography course (weekend classes); 2 hours per day.
Students are asked to choose either one batch from the above and start learning.

Key highlights in the Modeling Photography:

  1. Modeling photography tips and techniques.
  2. Start shooting like pro and producing world-class images.
  3. Hands-on session with modeling and fashion related tools.
  4. Post-processing knowledge and skills.
  5. Real-time practitioners as guest lecturers.
  6. Build employability and professional skills.
  7. Free DSLR camera for practice.
  8. Weekly workshops, group critiques, and individual feedbacks.
  9. Flexible dates and timings.
  10. Creating a wildlife photography portfolio.

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