Visualite Academy has travelled for a decade, reaping success all through the way and Training over 1000 students to be successful professionals. A premier institute of its kind, Visualite runs two branches in Chennai, at both Anna Nagar and Mylapore.

Visualite emphasizes on quality teaching and field-work based learning, we ensure that each learner turns out as a complete professional. Never forget, 'what you are' is 'where you are from' and so Visualite Academy holds the candle for those who are thriving to play big in the creative station. When you step into Visualite, the difference we make can be seen and felt.

Our Advantages

  1. Flexible timing
  2. Outdoor shoots
  3. Individual (or) One–One classes for desiring candidates
  4. Candidates provided with cameras for practical sessions

Quick Enquiry

Quick Enquiry